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Empowering individuals to reach their career heights with personalized coaching, fostering resilience, inspiring growth, and guiding paths to professional success.




Account Manager

“After just a few sessions with this fantastic coaching service, I did not only land a job but gained invaluable career insights. I secured a position within a month – a testimony to the effective and personalized strategies she provided. She doesn’t just coach, she transform careers. Give it a try.”



“I was stuck in my job search until I found this career coaching service. The level of personal attention and expertise I received was outstanding. Within a month, I had an offer in my hand and a newfound sense of professional confidence. An absolute game-changer!”


Investment Banker

“A month ago, I was a fresh graduate with a world of uncertainty in front of me. Today, I’m a happy employee in a company that I love, all thanks to this incredible career coaching. She has given me not just a job, but a pathway to a successful future. I recommend.”


  • CV Review: As an experienced coach, I will assess your CV to ensure it stands out in the crowded job market. I focus on clarity, presentation, and showcasing your unique skills and experiences.
  • Cover Letter Review: I’ll help you craft compelling cover letters that make a strong impression on hiring managers, highlighting your qualifications and fit for the role.
  • Job Search Strategy: I will work with you to develop a tailored job search strategy, identifying the right roles, companies, and industries to target and helping you stay organized and motivated throughout the process.
  • Industry Search: Whether you’re considering a career change or just starting out, I can provide valuable insights into various industries, helping you make informed decisions about your career path.
  • Interview Preparation: Through mock interviews and feedback, I’ll help you polish your interview skills, build confidence, and prepare for common questions and scenarios you may encounter.

Every client is unique, and I am prepared to meet your specific needs. Let’s discuss your career objectives and tailor my services to suit your journey towards professional success.



Product Manager

“I owe my current job to this amazing career coaching service. Within a month, her targeted advice and tireless support helped me navigate the job market and land a role that perfectly aligns with my career goals. The experience was transformative.”


Business Developer

“Never have I felt more understood and supported in my career journey than with this coaching service. In just one month, I secured a job thanks to her insightful industry search guidance and interview preparation. The results speak for themselves!”


Marketing Manager

“One month ago, I felt like I was aimlessly sending out applications, but with this career coaching service, everything changed. Her incredible CV review and job search strategy helped me land my dream job in just a month! Highly recommended.”

This Is Me

Nancy Quansah Khadouj

Career Consultant

“I, Nancy, am an accomplished Career Consultant with over 20 years of expansive experience in sectors like investment banking, retail, IT, manufacturing, consulting, administration, and international human resources. A proud alumna of the esteemed Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, I bring forth a unique blend of academic rigor and industry insights.

I have a proven track record in career coaching and mentorship. Having empowered 1000+ students and professionals worldwide to secure their desired roles within 3 months, I leverage my extensive global industry experience to provide strategic and insightful career guidance.

As a Career Consultant, I’ve worked with 4,000+ students and professionals worldwide, enabling them to carve a clear career path within a short time frame. I believe every student deserves career counselling before completing their education to avoid regret and ensure a purposeful career journey. My two published books, ‘Foundation for a Successful Life’ and ‘The Pillars’, provide further insights into crafting a fulfilling career and life.

As the founder of SMART-DIARY, I am committed to delivering actionable insights and inspiring confidence in all my interactions. My innovative approach and profound passion for people development have placed me as a trusted advisor in the career consulting sphere. Partner with me on your career journey, and let’s pave the way to your success together.


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